About Us

You can enjoy a denture that remains firmly in place.
You don’t need to “think” about your dentures all the time.

We Are Genuinely Gentle

We request that you learn some new things as well.
You’ll need to stop holding on to your anxiety and fear. They are associated with “old school” of dentistry, and that’s not what we practice here.
What we do here is basically completely painless dentistry and life altering transformations. The old way of thinking about dentistry was that you must be forced to endure dental pain just to prevent things from deteriorating still further. Today’s thinking says that you can enjoy the smile you dream of without any pain!
Not only are we able to alleviate your fear and anxiety about dental care, we can also make you so comfortable that you’ll actually sleep straight through your entire procedure. When you take the option of sedation dentistry you will be so comfortable that we can finish incredible quantities of work within just one visit. Despite all of the comforts and amenities that we offer to our patients, most of them still prefer to have fewer visits.

We Are Friendly

As soon as you set foot in our office, you are likely to forget where you are. We aren’t a typical dentist’s office complete with a waiting room filled with nervous patients. In fact, our waiting room is normally quite empty because we don’t let anyone stay there for longer than 15 minutes!
Our job, our mission in life, isn’t treating dental patients. Our mission is creating happiness in people, and a natural side effect of that is leaving with a beautiful smile. That must be the reason our neighbors are sure we do dental work – everyone leaves our office with a great smile that wasn’t there when they walked in.
We go above and beyond to distinguish ourselves as the friendliest dentist’s office in the entire world. This begins from the very day we hire our employees, the process is based as much on their charming personality as their many professional qualifications. There’s even a bit of competition to establish who can create the most smiles each day (it’s quite contagious).
We aren’t out to just hire pretty faces though. Our members of staff are only able to relax and enjoy themselves because they are tremendously confident in everything that they do. It’s purely through this strong joining of competence and compassion that we can create the lifelong relationships with our patients that guarantee our future.

Waiting room

We Treat You with Respect and Kindness

We aren’t a normal dentist’s office which you’ll see as soon as you walk through our door. Our first goal is to make our patients feel happy and comfortable, and that begins with respect and kindness (with a lot of laughter thrown in between).
We won’t allow you to wait around for us. No one would ever argue that a doctor’s time is valuable, but doesn’t it anger you when doctors insinuate that your time isn’t as valuable as theirs? Your time is appreciated.
We also demonstrate our respect and kindness by refusing to judge your past. One of the biggest reasons people delay dental work is due to feeling guilty for having put it off previously – the cycle never ends. We won’t ever lecture you about the dental decisions you have made in the past. Why would we? The only thing that we care about is the decision that brought you to us today.
Can you honestly say that you have ever really looked forward to visiting the dentist? Have you ever actually enjoyed a trip to the dentist’s office? Don’t worry, you will!
We also provide you with more options when it comes to more complex procedures. We can offer you cosmetic treatments such as inlays and onlays, veneers, bonding, implants, shaping, whitening and much, much more.
One thing that we don’t offer is any poor excuse explaining that you only have one or two options for your dental problem.